TITLE : Calorific Value Measurements and Optimization of Waste Cooking Oil Bio-Diesel, Crude Plastic Oil and Their Blends for the Synthesis of Low Cost High Energy Fuels  
AUTHORS : Rashmi Kumari      Nirmala N      Caroline Joshi C      Dawn S.S  

Plastic is an artificial polymer which is having a wide application in manufacturing industries and consumer products as it is light weight, economical, strong, convenient and durable. Plastic is a non-biodegradable material because of which it is very harmful to the environment. Plastics have use in various spheres of economy – infrastructure, construction, agriculture, consumer goods, telecommunications, packaging, etc. Because of growing plastic industries the amount of plastic waste has also increased which is a major problem in front of environmental researchers. Currently worldwide accepted technology used for plastic disposal is incineration which releases extremely toxic compounds leading to environmental issues if not handled carefully. Hence an alternate solution to the exponentially growing plastic waste is being analyzed across the globe. Plastic waste can well be handled with pyrolysis, a thermochemical decomposition method. Pyrolysis, a Plastic to Fuel (PTF) technology, is done at a temperature of 420- 440⁰C. Oil derived from PTF technology has a complex chemical composition but can be used as a fuel conveniently because of its higher energy density. The bio-diesel obtained from the waste cooking oil is blended in different proportions with crude plastic oil obtained from the pyrolysis process of the plastic waste using ultrasonic vibrator. The calorific values of diesel, Crude plastic oil, Standard bio-diesel and bio-diesel obtained from waste cooking oil are 45,457kJ/kg, 25,353 – 43,496 kJ/kg, 39,011kJ/kg and 37,120.16kJ/kg respectively. Bio-diesel from waste cooking oil synthesized by conventional route blended with crude plastic oil obtained after pyrolysis in different proportion was analyzed for its calorific value and was tested with constant speed 4- stroke diesel engine to study the fuel blend performance.

Keywords: Plastic to Fuel, pyrolysis, biodiesel, crude plastic oil, calorific value

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